Crafts in the Agua Blanca Community

Comunidad Agua Blanca - Comunidad Ancestral
Crafts in the Agua Blanca Community
Crafts in the Agua Blanca Community
Crafts in the Agua Blanca Community

Crafts in the Agua Blanca Community

The crafts of the Agua Blanca community, are performed by women members of the community.

Women who work done after a long preparation in design and product creation techniques.

With this method of work and its processed products help to sustain the economy of their families.

Several years ago was a project with Kimbra Smith, Member of foreign support for training in the development of products and Handicrafts Tagua.

Rear women trained is in the development of crafts in other products, to offer a wider variety of souvenirs and mementos to national and foreign tourists who daily visit the Agua Blanca community.

The materials used for the manufacture of handicrafts and other products are:

  1. Spondylus shell
  2. Pearl
  3. Tagua
  4. Ceramic
  5. Palo Santo
  6. Fabrics Stones, such as: quartz, turquoise, jade, matizta, stone rain of silver, stone rain of gold, the pilacio and the Moon stone.
  7. Seeds, such as: acacia, pepito, platanillo, tailor's chalk.

These materials offer the following products:

  1. Incense of Palo santo.
  2. Rosewood oil.
  3. Rosewood talc.
  4. Palo Santo candles.
  5. Incienciario of rosewood.
  6. Rosewood SOAP.
  7. Bracelets Earrings.
  8. Necklaces. Figures in ceramic and tagua.
  9. Seeds bracelets.
  10. Essencial oils.

Come and visit our community and contributes to the maintenance and preservation of our ancient culture..! 

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